This is Berner

Values and policy


Berner’s family company values have remained constant since the 1880s.


The company’s foundation is its employees contribution to the company. All work at Berner is valuable, meaningful and productive. Our operations are founded on a spirit of entrepreneurship, with each person having influence and control over their work.


All operations are based on honesty towards customers, other partners and personnel. At Berner, integrity means acting in a dependable, fair, equitable, predictable and open manner.


Berner succeeds when its employees succeed. Everyone is equal, regardless of their status. Berner cares for its employees and believes in their potential and capacity to develop.

The principles guiding our operation

A steadily growing Finnish family company

  • We aim for a stable, annual increase of 5–10 percent in turnover and net profit by developing our business operation.
  • We actively seek growth also through acquisitions.
  • Honest, stable, profitable operations generate well-being for customers, staff and other stakeholders.
  • We strive to be an interesting employer and attractive workplace.

Leading multi-expert

  • Only the best! We focus on highquality products and specialise in demanding business areas.
  • We serve both the private and the public sector and consumers.
  • We invest in our own product development, production and brands, and a multi-channel supply chain management.
  • We offer the best partnership and market competence for international actors.
  • Our home market consists of Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. We seek for growth potential also in regions near this home market.

Berner leads with cooperation between business units

  • The business units are the best experts in the selected business areas and aim to lead the market.
  • We know the needs of our customers and develop our operations continually.