Corporate responsibility

Responsibility towards our stakeholders is an integral part of our company’s values, operating methods, management and day-to-day work. We produce and import products and services that bring more well-being to people’s lives and that are produced sustainably in every way.

Our goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, competitiveness and profitability, while also harmonizing and developing operating methods to promote responsibility.

The company has direct responsibility for its own operations and production, as well as indirect responsibility for the operations of its supply chain and distribution partners. Our operations are certified pursuant to the ISO 9001 quality management certificate, the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate, the ISO 22716 certificate regarding the manufacture and storage of cosmetics and hygiene products (GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices), and a third-party assured ISO 13485 quality system required for the manufacture of healthcare equipment.

Our laboratories in Herttoniemi and Heinävesi are GLP certified from the Finnish Medicines Agency (FIMEA). Defined by the OECD, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) is intended to produce reliable and sufficiently high-quality laboratory testing for purposes such as use by the public authorities.

Corporate responsibility program guiding our long-term sustainability work

Our corporate responsibility program comprises economic, social and environmental responsibility as well as a responsible supply chain. We define the program’s key focus areas and objectives based on the company’s strategy, business goals, stakeholder expectations and the megatrends related to responsibility.

Our corporate responsibility work is guided by our environmental policy, quality policy as well as our Ethical Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct. Our principles reflect our values, work, integrity, humanity and The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Part of the international Responsible Care program

We are committed to the chemical industry’s international Responsible Care program. Responsible Care is an international sustainability program coordinated in Finland by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. The central themes of the program include the sustainable use of natural resources, sustainability and safety of production and products, well-being of the work community and open interaction and cooperation. The program obligates us—and makes us better equipped—to develop our operations even more sustainably than before.

We consider the responsible management of issues related to the environment, health and safety to be an integral aspect of our business. We strive continuously to minimize our emissions and increase the efficiency of our raw material and energy consumption. Our key goals also include reducing accidents in our work community and providing ongoing training to employees on responsibility-related matters.