Business areas


Our customers include laboratories, university hospitals and central hospitals as well as professionals in animal welfare and cleanliness.

The best-known brands we manufacture include Heti, Dilutus, Desinfektol, LV, Servant and Provisor. The best-known brands we import include Ansell, Hill’s, KLS Martin, Omron, Scanlan, Teleflex Medical, Wetrok, Comac, PAC, Lauda, FOSS, Shimadzu and Beckman Coulter.

We provide highly competent service across many different channels. In late 2017, we launched ProShop, a new online store that provides a modern ordering channel and diverse product range for professionals in healthcare, cleaning, kitchen hygiene and animal welfare.


The year 2017 was a time of integration. In late 2016, we acquired the business operations of Ordior Ltd, a company specializing in the sales and import of laboratory equipment in Finland and Estonia, which was previously part of the University Pharmacy Group. The acquisition has reinforced Berner’s market position in the field of professional laboratory solutions. Our range of laboratory products was expanded during the year and we also gained access to a fully modernized demo laboratory in conjunction with Berner’s move to new premises.

The Ordior acquisition also added the significant laboratory brands FOSS, Shimadzu and Beckman Coulter to our product range, along with a large number of other brands. Our new organization can serve our laboratory customers with a very broad product portfolio while also producing additional services such as training.


In healthcare products, we achieved good results in all product categories in 2017. It was a particularly strong year for our wellness products, thanks to the successful Omron TENS pain reliever campaign. We also saw growth in our surgical products.

The product range of our own brands was expanded with the introduction of Pro Wipes, a product family of disposable disinfectant and cleaning wipes that are effective in binding dirt, with different product variants each having their own special attributes. Our Pro Wipes range now includes four wipes for different uses.

Other promising new products in our healthcare category included the innovative disinfection device 99MB, which utilizes the patented HyperDryMist™ technology, and the easy-to-use sterile Nichiban pressure bandages for use after blood samples and cannula removal.

During the year, we also invested substantial resources in the continued development of our OTSO modular operating theatre concept in collaboration with our domestic and international partners.

OTSO is a modular operating theatre environment that offers simple implementation: a lightweight process and a safer solution. Modular construction is also an effective way to plan for the future. As technology and treatment processes develop, a modular space is more adaptable than traditional approaches to construction.


In the development of the HETI product family, our focus was on new waxes. HETI Himmeä and HETI Heleä waxes add semi-gloss and satin finishing options to the product range to complement HETI Matta, HETI Huippu and HETI Hohtava. The HETI wax family is now complete.

Among products from our principals, the most revolutionary new launch was Wetrok Granuline. The patented Granuline products revolutionize the detergent market. No waterless detergent has ever delivered comparable results. Each granule contains cleaning power that is released when the granule dissolves in water. Wetrok Granuline won the Purus Award 2017 in the detergents category.

During the past year, we continued to develop our operations in collaboration with our customers and also introduced a more efficient ordering channel in the form of an online store.


The most significant new launch from Hill’s Pet Nutrition was the range of Science Plan Youthful Vitality foods for senior cats and dogs. Science Plan Youthful Vitality was developed with consideration for the changing biology of pets aged seven years and above. The food is produced according to a patented recipe using natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, fatty acids and antioxidants, with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to slow down the signs of aging.

We continued to work closely with veterinary clinics and started new partnerships with several clinics in relation to the distribution of Hill’s Prescription Diet products.

Our range of laboratory equipment for veterinary clinics was expanded to include high-quality Swedish hematology instruments when Boule’s Exigo and Exigo EOS analyzers were added to our selection.

E-commerce channels for pet products are seeing rapid growth and we also focused on campaigning in our customers’ online stores during the past year.

Berner Medical

We also operate in the healthcare segment in Sweden. Berner Medical’s selection includes Ansell surgical gloves, Harry Holms racks and Bode Chemie disinfectants.

The unit is known for its high-quality brands and its position in the market continues to strengthen.

Berner Medical’s sales have seen steady growth in the past few years. The good result is based on its cost-efficient organization. We recruited two new professionals for our organization during the year and began looking for new product categories to ensure continued growth in the future.

Baltic Operations

In the Baltic countries, our strengths are in microbiology and the laboratory business. We have worked together with microbiology laboratories for several years with an extensive product portfolio, and our business continues to see positive development. Berner took over the sales and maintenance of laboratory equipment as a result of the Ordior acquisition, and we now represent several significant brands in Estonia, including FOSS, Shimadzu, Phenomenex and Horizon Technologies.

Our key strengths are our professional and experienced personnel and local maintenance services. Our demo laboratory in Helsinki’s Herttoniemi district also serves our Estonian customers. Going forward, we will focus even more on joint training and maintenance service solutions for our customers in both countries.