Corporate responsibility

Economic responsibility

In accordance with our operating principles, the emphasis of our economic responsibility is on strong solvency and profitable growth. Strong solvency and profitable growth enable the sustainable development of our business and the well-being of our personnel.

Strong solvency and profitable growth

Enables long-term commitment to employee well-being and increases social welfare through taxes and other investments for the public good.

Responsible ownership

Berner Ltd is a family-owned company that has contributed to the development of Finnish society throughout its existence. We are committed to keeping it this way.

We seek stable international growth while keeping our ownership and decision-making firmly rooted in Finland.

Tax footprint in the home market

Berner’s operations generate economic well-being for several stakeholders. It is a matter of honor for us to invest in Finland and pay our taxes in Finland and in our home market.

Throughout its existence, Berner has focused on investments in its home market in addition to international growth. Our operations generate economic well-being for several stakeholders. Suppliers, personnel, shareholders, and society all receive their share of the cash flow from Berner’s business operations.

Distribution of economic value and tax footprint

(EUR 1000)
Parent company
(EUR 1000)
Turnover, other operating income and financial income224 539319 139
Suppliers: Materials and services150 295226 231
Other partners: Other operating expenses and investments43 47248 418
Staff: Salaries and fees18 75324 248
Shareholders and financiers: Dividends and financial costs6 7266 818
Society: Taxes, pensions and social security costs32 08442 316

In 2017, Berner Ltd paid bonuses and shares of profits under a revised scheme to a total of 325 people, for a total amount of approximately MEUR 1.2.

Berner Ltd established a new investment company, Berfin Ltd

Berner Ltd’s Board of Directors and General Meeting resolved in July 2017 to establish an investment company. The properties owned by Berner Ltd and the related development and leasing operations were transferred to the newly established Berfin Ltd on January 1, 2018. The aim is to expand Berfin Ltd’s investment activities to include other investments in the future.

The new ownership structure serves the business needs of the entire Group as it moves to expand its property-related business and other investment activities. The Chairman of Berfin Ltd’s Board of Directors is George Berner.