Corporate responsibility

Environmental responsibility

The focus of our environmental responsibility is on increasing the energy efficiency and material efficiency of our operations, minimizing environmental impacts and developing new environmentally friendly products and services. Berner’s environmental responsibility efforts are guided by the company’s environmental program. The key focus areas of our environmental program for 2018–2020 are as follows:

Responsible packaging

We develop and implement new ecological packaging solutions for our products. We will participate in Finnish innovation efforts aimed at replacing traditional plastic packaging with biodegradable packaging, and we will also increase the use of recycled plastic.

Responsible raw materials

We develop products for the cosmetics and agricultural industries that contain local bio-based raw materials as well as raw materials that originate from the by-products of the bioindustries and the food industry.

Minimizing the environmental impacts of production and transport

We will continue to make energy-efficient investments at our production facilities in Heinävesi. We will reduce the use of packaging materials, continue to enhance the processing of waste water and increase the use of renewable energy in our operations, including transport.


Environmentally friendly Finnish production

The choices we make help keep jobs in Finland, reduce product transportation distances and reduce transport-related emissions. We provide training to our staff to ensure that everyone can reduce environmental impacts through their own actions. We use life-cycle analyses in product development to manufacture safe products whose environmental impact is minimized.

Our choices of packaging materials are aimed at reducing waste while facilitating the subsequent recycling and recovery of packaging materials. We manage the producer responsibility associated with the recycling of our packaging via an agreement with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.

Responsible actions

Sustainable and environmentally friendly choices for consumers

The Nordic Ecolabel, also known as the Swan label, is objective indication of the eco-friendliness, safety and high quality of a product or service. The number of our products carrying the Nordic Ecolabel increased substantially in 2017 and now stands at 79. 

367 of our products have the Key Flag, which indicates that the product is manufactured in Finland and supports Finnish employment.

In total, 98 products are now approved by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The Allergy Label is issued to products whose safety and reliability has been proved by independent studies. Products that carry the Allergy Label are free of fragrances and commonly allergenic or irritant agents. In home appliances, the Allergy Label reflects features that help reduce indoor air impurities. All products that carry the Allergy Label satisfy detailed category-specific criteria.

Four new organic products were developed at our production facilities in Heinävesi in 2017.

Key Flag products in total 367
Nordic Ecolabel products in total 79
Products approved by the Allergy and Asthma Federation in total 98

Own organic products 4

We strive to use suppliers with international certificates, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Berner again participates in Food Waste Week

Berner participated in the Food Waste Week organized by the Consumers’ Union of Finland for the second time by communicating content on reducing food waste and responsible consumption on social media as well as other platforms, including the Rajamäen and GreenCare websites. We also encouraged our staff to reduce food waste.