Product development and production

Production plants

Our production plants are located in Heinävesi, a municipality in Eastern Finland surrounded by beautiful nature. Providing jobs for approximately 50 people, our plants are the largest industrial employer in the municipality.

With decades of experience, we manufacture cosmetics and hygiene products, car care products, plant protection agents, washing and cleaning detergents and vinegar products. Our best-known brands include XZ, LV, Herbina, Ainu, Oxygenol, Tummeli, Lasol, Korrek, Heti, GreenCare and Rajamäen.

Our quality management and environmental management certificates guarantee the responsibility of our operations. At Berner we place a high value on keeping production in Finnish hands, because it allows us to be closely involved with the entire process and to employ people also in smaller towns. We want to offer Finns only the best, and keeping this promise requires that we monitor the quality of our products from product development all the way to the consumer.

Responsible production and new products made in Finland

In 2017, we made new equipment investments at our production plants and joined the Responsible Care program.

We developed and improved the ergonomics of work further by making investments in equipment. We also organized ergonomics and responsibility training for our personnel. Joining the Responsible Care program coordinated by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland gives us access to support from a broad network and the opportunity to benchmark our operations against our peers in the chemical industry. 

The central themes of the program include the sustainable use of natural resources, sustainability and safety of production and products, well-being of the work community and open interaction and cooperation. The program obligates us—and makes us better equipped—to develop our operations even more sustainably than before.

The development project we started in 2016 to enhance waste water treatment will continue in 2018. The project is aimed at reducing waste water volumes and having an even smaller quantity of washing water require treatment as hazardous waste.

New product innovations saw us introduce a large number of new Finnish products into our production operations, including the Korrek BOAT range of boat care products and the Korrek PRO Ceramic TFC product family for car care professionals. Production equipment was modernized at our vinegar plant to facilitate improvements in the packaging of Rajamäen products.

We celebrated the centenary of Finland’s independence by launching XZ Blueberry shampoo, a new product produced in Heinävesi. We also visited local first-graders at the start of the school year to deliver product baskets. Hai rubber boots and Oxygenol Ricky Rapper toothpaste, among other things, were distributed in the spirit of our “A Hundred Gifts” campaign. The aim of the event was to give local children the opportunity to learn more about our local operations and production.  XZ Blueberry shampoo and Berner Ltd were part of the official Finland 100 program in 2017.