Product development and production

Product development

Berner Ltd is one of the leading brand product manufacturers in Finland. Our strengths lie in Finland-based product development and manufacturing, and we believe that our customers value our domestic, responsible and high-quality production.

Berner has carried out product development since the 1950s. The brands we have developed and are manufacturing include XZ hair care products, the LV and Herbina hygiene product families, the Lasol and Korrek car care series, Heti cleaning products for professionals and Desinfektol and LV disinfectants. The products are developed at our head office in Helsinki and manufactured in Heinävesi.

New laboratory completed

We moved to a new multipurpose office in Helsinki’s Herttoniemi district in summer 2017. We also built a modern product development laboratory on the premises. Berner’s business management and product development functions are now under one roof, which enables even more agile cooperation in product development. We develop quality products based on consumer research and latest trends. We launched 56 new products in 2017.

Cooperation to develop new packaging innovations

We signed a strategic partnership agreement with Sulapac Ltd, a Finnish company that develops innovative packaging solutions. We are one of Sulapac’s product development partners for packaging innovation. 

We are always looking for – and developing – more responsible solutions for our products and packaging. It is important for us to be involved in the development of sustainable Finnish innovations. The primary raw material in Sulapac’s innovative and fully biodegradable packaging solution is sourced from Nordic wood. Our goal for the development partnership is to have our first products packaged in Sulapac’s biodegradable packaging within 2018. However, it is important to note that joint product development is always a long road to embark on.

We aim for long-term development cooperation with our partners. The development of new eco-friendly packaging solutions will be an important focus area for us in the coming years. We will also further increase the use of bio-based raw materials as well as raw materials derived from the by-products of the bio and food industries in our products.